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Alfa Romeo Giulia QV – Sold out before launch

If you’re tempted by the new fiery new Alfa Romeo Giulia QV then you’ll be in for a bit of a wait. The factory claims that the first Australian shipment has already sold out!

Though they’re keeping mum on the exact number, it’s likely that 100 plus Australian orders were already placed before they had even announced the price on January 3, this year. That means, if you’re willing to part with the $144,000 they’re charging, you’ll likely be waiting until at least July this year.

But there’s no wonder the car is causing such a stir. With the sultry Italian design and the grunt of a sports car it resets performance benchmarks in its class.

Fiery Sports Performance

The car’s twin turbo V6 engine gives this stylish and spirited Italian thoroughbred the best power-to-weight ratio. It’s the current sedan king of the legendary Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Late last year, the Giulia QV set a hot lap time of 7 min 32 sec, making it the fastest four door production vehicle ever – faster than its rivals.

It is teamed with a quick-shifting 8 speed automatic transmission that has the smarts to preload downshifts if the driver flicks the paddle before revs have dropped sufficiently for a lower gear. The engine also features cylinder deactivation to save fuel, making it the most fuel-efficient car in its class. It also features active aerodynamics, another first for its class. The front splitter lowers at speed to create best-in-class downforce in all conditions.

Putting Power to the Road

It arrives standard with a torque vectoring system, heralding an ability to improve traction, improved steering response, and vehicle handling attitude. This advanced drive system tailors:

1. Suspension
2. Steering
3. Drivetrain

The all-new Alfa Romeo will come handsomely equipped with:

• 19-inch forged alloy wheels
• Bi-xenon headlamps with Adaptive Front Lighting System and automatic high beam
• Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Brake and pedestrian awareness
• Blind-spot monitoring
• Lane departure warning and
• Active cruise control.