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Audi’s incredible SQ7 in showrooms at $154K

The family car for power enthusiasts is here. The world’s fastest 7-seat diesel SUV is set to stamp its authority on the performance SUV scene. The luxury of ample internal space and remarkable comfort is not all you can expect.

Employing a revolutionary 48v electrical architecture, the incredible new Audi SQ7 challenges the laws of physics.

Acceleration of a sports car

The twin turbo V8 engine fuels the SQ7’s ability to reach 100 km/h in an impressive 4.9 seconds!

The engine which claims to reduce turbo lag altogether, combines:

  • 320 kw of power
  • 900 Nm of Torque, and
  • an electric powered compressor

With all that power, you’d think it must burn through fuel, but the opposite is the case, with fuel consumption is frugal at 7.2 litres per 100km.

Andrew Doyle, Managing Director, Audi Australia, said:

“For our customers, this extraordinary vehicle will fulfil the desire for the latest innovative technology solution, at the same time as delivering unmatched versatility in a highly attractive value package.”

If you’re all about the grunt, then it’s worth a look.