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Being a winner on Linkedin

More and more job seekers are turning to Linkedin each year in the hope of attracting the eye of a new employer.

While it might seem like a lot of effort, there are a chosen few who do get great results. The reason is their precise skills are what most well-paying employers are looking for.

And to accurately identify the skills most in demand, Linkedin researched exactly what the top jobs need. And the results reveal that the skills in demand by employers are changing rapidly.

The Top 10 Skills of 2016 are:

1) Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
2) SEO/SEM Marketing
3) Middleware and Integration Software
4) HR Benefits and Compensation
5) Network and Information Security
6) Mobile Development
7) User Interface Design
8) Web Architecture and Development Framework
9) Algorithm Design
10) Corporate Law and Governance

Cliff Rosenberg, the Australian head of Linkedin, says the technology disruption is behind the change, “Our data strongly suggests that tech skills will continue to be most in demand. However, professionals also need soft skills to succeed as organisations are looking for well-rounded skill sets.”

Soft skills are also difficult to find compared to technical, according to a survey of hiring managers by Linkedin. The majority (63%) of hiring managers say they find it harder to find professionals with soft skills. And they define soft skills as teamwork, ownership and problem-solving. Most hiring managers (65%) believe that not being able to find soft skills limited productivity.

And human resources decision-makers say it is difficult to fill leadership positions because of that soft skill shortage. Critical soft skills missing or under-developed include empathy, problem solving and creativity, and fostering collaboration and innovation.