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Best Used 4WD for Off-Roading

There’s no doubting that 4WD’s are more popular than ever.

But with price tags that typically exceed your average sedan, buying a used vehicle is far more realistic for many of us.

What to look out for in a used 4WD

Even though 4WD’s are built tough, it’s always better to seek a vehicle that has been mostly used in urban areas.

Always insist on a single owner where possible, and as low kms as you can find. If the service records all look good then the only wear should be confined to the brakes and tyres.

If there are any serious-sounding noises no matter how small, get a specialist to have a look as these can be very expensive to repair.

Our recommendation for best value

If you like to get your tyres dirty then there’s nothing like the real thing. The Mitsubishi Pajero is one of the most desirable when it comes to serious 4WD’s.

Like its great rival, the Toyota LandCruiser, the Pajero was made in a huge range of specifications and luxury fittings. Despite their size, they have been developed to drive with the ease of a medium-size car. And all versions of basic to top end are regularly available.

Like all these large serious 4WDs, the seating position is high, there is a tall step-up to get in, the interior space is huge and it has a really spacious boot. For those with a large family, Mitsubishi made a very handy multi-seat version.

Most Pajeros are diesel powered so there will be a clattering from the engine but the fuel economy is quite reasonable. All models have a very large towing capacity to cope with large caravans or boats.

Although these were between $50,000 and $78,000 when new, 5 year old Pajeros can now be had for as little as $20,000 with really impressive ones available for under $30,000.