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Your car insurance options explained

Don’t know your comprehensive insurance from your CTP? Navigating your car insurance options can be confusing, and getting a great deal can be even harder. Luckily, we’ve got all the know-how you need right here.

Who’s who in the car insurance zoo

In Australia, we have four main types of general motor vehicle insurance:
• Compulsory third party (CTP)
• Comprehensive
• Third party property damage
• Third party fire and theft

Compulsory third party

To ensure everyone is protected in the event of a motor vehicle accident, each Australian State and Territory has a mandatory personal injury insurance scheme. Referred to as CTP, it protects anyone you might injure when driving your car, including pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Schemes differ from State to State, but regardless of where you live, it must be taken out when you register your car, and it’s illegal to drive a vehicle without it. Check in with your State or Territory vehicle registration body for details on its operation.


Covering you for events like theft, collision, fire and weather damage, comprehensive car insurance is a must have for peace of mind. Thanks to a variety of potential insurers, competitive deals aren’t hard to find and can even include optional extras like windscreen protection and hire cars in the event of a bingle.

Third party property damage

A step up from CTP, third party property damage covers you for any damage caused by your car to other people’s property. The least expensive option after CTP, it’s worth investing in if you’re under 25 and driving a car that’s a bit of a clunker. It’ll provide protection in the event you collide with a luxury car or someone’s fence.

Third party fire and theft

This kind of insurance does exactly what it says on the box. Protecting you from damage caused by fire or theft, it also includes coverage for damages caused by your car to other people’s property. If you can’t afford comprehensive cover, it’s your next best option.

Not sure what you need and don’t have the time to hunt it down?

We have access to a wide range of products and a variety of insurers, and can help you find the insurance that best suits your needs. To learn more, hop on over to this page or give us a call to learn more.