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Looking for a quality second hand ride? You can’t beat the Toyota Yaris

When it comes to a quality second hand car, nothing beats the Toyota Yaris. Fuel efficient, easy to park and with enough room for two people plus luggage, they’re the work horse of the small car world.

Better yet, they’re made by Toyota, so when kept in check with regular servicing, they’re basically bullet proof. Here’s why they totally live up to the hype.

From humble beginnings

This remarkable little car first appeared a decade ago for the then high price of $17,000. However, the 1.3 litre engine proved a willing performer and with every driver getting an economy of 6 lt/100kms or better, price was no barrier to its popularity. As the years passed, owners realised just how good these cars were, with just an annual service required to keep them trucking along in tip-top shape.

Basic = better

Although Toyota made a 4 door version and another with a conventional boot, the basic 2 door lift-back model proved the most popular. Reviewers rated the bigger car the best of the range, but the basic model was the pick of the litter for the majority of buyers.

10 years on and still going strong

In 2017, the attraction of the Yaris is just as strong, meaning prices are high for what many people consider to be a very small car. On the plus side, the 4-star safety standard is a big draw for parents wanting a reliable and decent first car for their kids, or for families needing a second car.

On the problem side, is the fact that like all light cars, ride comfort can be average, particularly on rough road surfaces which can be jolty and noisy.

The second-hand Yaris facts you need to know

• With just basic regular servicing, the Yaris can easily clock 200,000kms and still have a few good years left to run
• On the whole, transmissions are good, but manuals subjected to city driving may need a new clutch every 5 to 10 years
• Like all cars, the lower the k’s on the speedo the better, and as with all second-hand cars, make sure you have a good look for previous damage repairs
• Subsequent models have just kept getting better, so there are no bad models to avoid
• When properly maintained, depreciation is minimal

What to pay

We recommend buying as late a model as possible. Around 2010 is your best bet, and prices should be around the $9000 mark. Check it over thoroughly before buying, service it regularly and it’ll continue to perform for years to come.