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The New Kia Picanto – a great option for millennials

It is very tough at the bottom end of the market. Right now, there is a real fight on between Suzuki’s Celerio and Kia’s Picanto for who can claim Australia’s cheapest car.

The new Picanto is the third generation of one of Kia’s global best-selling cars and it comes to Australia with these real selling advantages:

  • European influenced style
  • Youthful and energetic design
  • Bolder body lines
  • Increased colour palette – 11 bright paint options
  • New floating touchscreen infotainment system
  • More cabin and cargo space than rivals in the same segment
  • More customisation inside, with colour options for trim and upholstery

Whilst the new pricing is yet to be released, the current model listed from just $14,990. This puts it in the right category for money conscious buyers who may otherwise be looking at a second-hand vehicle.

Kia says it will reveal full details in April and will go on sale in Australia in the second quarter. Overall, it’s worth a look. Especially for younger buyers who will enjoy the youthful appearance and ability to personalise the car inside and out.