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New Porsche 911 Rules the Road

The latest new generation Porsche 911 has recently hit showrooms.

This head turner offers all the stunning performance of previous 911 sports cars but the range now comes with full emissions and safety compliance. The marque’s high end price tag hasn’t budged, with the new line-up starting at just over a quarter of a million dollars for the basic model.

The evolution of this iconic sports car continues with the arrival of a new twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

All about turbo performance

The new 3 litre engine accelerates faster and uses less fuel. It produces 15 more kW (now 309kW) and 60 more Nm (now an even 500Nm).

The latest version’s upgrade includes:
• A powerful new engine.
• Standard adaptive suspension (PASM)
• Bigger brakes with six-piston front callipers
• Wider rear tyres
• Better aerodynamics
• Upgraded infotainment including Apple CarPlay.

Carerra is the pick

The Carrera is the pick of the new range and is a truly excellent car to drive. Every touch point: steering wheel, pedals and seat communicate clearly what the engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension and tyres are doing all the time.

The gearshift is a delight, the engine cuts up and down the rev range, the brakes allow the driver to balance the car with complete confidence.

The new turbo engine does not have any turbo lag. It will roll along at 1800rpm in top gear at 100km/h, then rev well past 7000rpm. And most importantly, in the upper ranges it sounds like a real Porsche flat six.

Thinking about a new Porsche 911?

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