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New year, new car

January is really the time to swoop on a genuine new car bargain.

The situation is perfect: dealers simply cannot hang onto 2016 plated cars any longer. The 2017 plates arrive to the car yards during the month of January so the older models have to be sold. That’s why the annual January sale is serious.

To clear last year’s stock, dealers will go much harder on price. That means, you can get a better deal than most other times of year.

The best bargaining approach is to seek a good price and then bargain it down, right down. Don’t be shy – the fact is, when you’re buying in January you are in the right place at exactly the right time.

Concerned you’re not getting the latest model? Don’t be. The late 2016 cars are exactly the same as this month’s 2017 cars, the only difference being the price.

Make your move and grab a bargain.