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Next generation Commodore revealed

No need to wait any longer. Holden has revealed the first images and further detail on the new Commodore ahead of its Australian launch in 2018.

Holden has confirmed a raft of premium technologies will make Commodore the most technologically-advanced Holden ever.

The next-generation Commodore will have:

  • European V6 engine with four wheel drive.
  • Potentially life-saving safety technology features
  • Active driving technology
  • Seamless infotainment
  • Cutting-edge all-wheel-drive system channelling 230 kilowatts and 370 newton metres to the road
  • Adaptive suspension technology
  • 9 speed automatic transmission
  • Torque-vectoring all-wheel drive

The new model is built in Germany by Opel with input from GM Holden’s team. The all-new Commodore will make driving safer, easier and more connected than ever before.

Holden’s Executive Director of Sales, Peter Keley, said:
“Customers are expecting more of their vehicles than ever before. The all-new 2018 Commodore redefines the level of technology people can expect, and how tech can help our customers be safer, more involved and more connected than ever before. “