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Most Reliable Cars Verdict: Lexus and Porsche

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One of the biggest questions asked in the auto industry is: “What makes the most reliable car?”. According to the world’s largest regular survey, conducted by JD Power the top honour is now shared between Lexus and Porsche. Toyota’s reputation for quality is undisputed by the results. Both the Toyota and Toyota owned Lexus brand have been endorsed, taking two of the top three positions.

Whilst Lexus and Porsche topped the list, the survey also proved you don’t need to spend a great deal to get a reliable car with Kia, Toyota and Hyundai coming highly commended. In fact, some of the expensive brands such as Land Rover, Subaru and Cadillac had troublesome results. Middle of the road results were posted by mainstream Euro makers like Volvo and Audi.

The bottom of the list was held by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles machinery. Fiat was the worst-performing brand, followed by Jeep, Infiniti and Dodge. The result comes as Jeep moves to address sliding sales in Australia by introducing a five year warranty and lifetime roadside assistance.

The good news for consumers? Overall, the latest data shows that vehicles are becoming more reliable despite the ever-growing inclusion of new functionality and technology.