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It’s the savvy buyers time to get a Bargain

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If you think you’re busy preparing for Christmas, then spare a thought for the Car Business. They are now in a period of limbo as customers stay away from the car showrooms while they’re busy enjoying the festive season.

The only trick of the trade they have for keeping sales strong is lowering prices. And, in the push to shift what’s left of the stock of 2016-plated cars before next year arrives, it’s an easy decision to make.

Out they must go and that is where smart buyers can take advantage of some of the lowest prices around. It’s all about moving quickly to maximise your savings, but the time left to take advantage of these sales is quickly slipping away.

Every year it happens, Christmas comes along and consumers think about things other than cars. This means Dealer sales drop and they don’t want to get caught with a left-over stock of cars which have 2016 plates. The result is pricing come down and some really good deals are out there.

The time to move on this is now. Dealers must maintain their monthly targets and are forced to try much harder with better prices being their usual attraction.

The best buyer bargaining approach is to seek a good price and then bargain down, right down. The fact is you are very much in the right place – at exactly the right time.

And remember, next January’s cars with 2017 plates are exactly as good as this month’s cars with 2016 plates…but the price will be in your favour!