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Michael Diviny

Finance Consultant

Michael’s career has been rich and varied but always with a focus on providing exemplary customer service. Dealing with a diverse clientele means Michael has honed his skill for communication and service to the highest possible level.

After managing the Finance Department of Lance Dixon 's five motor vehicle franchises in Doncaster for six years from 2001 and, in 2007, then establishing an office in Richmond to further extend his client group, Michael has 15 years of experience on which to base his success in the finance industry. His knowledge of the industry and regular professional development means he can offer the best possible information – Michael is able to arrange finance for vehicles, equipment, machinery and property as well as insurance.

Michael Diviny and company are neither employees nor agents of Melbourne Finance Broking. They operate as an independent finance broking business that engages the aggregation services of Melbourne Finance Broking to provide the best possible rates for their clients.

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