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Toyota HiLux range gets a revamp

A new lease on life for Australia’s best-selling vehicle range

A favourite of tradies, families and fleet buyers alike, the revamped Toyota HiLux range is ready to hit the streets. With 10 new auto variants available, here are just some of the reasons it might be high time to consider a HiLux.

10 new variants

Sales records have proven the HiLux a reliable best-seller for years now and with the removal of V6 petrol variants and the addition of 10 new ones to fill the gap, Toyota is hoping to continue the trend. According to Toyota Australia’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony Cramb, the changes are designed to strengthen the sales potential of HiLux and are “the result of detailed analysis of buyer trends and feedback from dealers over the past two years”.

Autos and two-wheel-drive

According to Toyota, HiLux drivers want three things – diesel, auto transmission and two-wheel drive. So they’re giving the people what they want. To meet demand, the new range includes 17 self-shifters, up from 12 previously, along with 2 new two-wheel-drive Hi-Riders, growing the range from 3 models to 5. An affordable option for buyers who don’t need full-on off-road capability but want the looks and superior ground clearance of a HiLux 4×4, they’re sure to be top-sellers.

SR changes

SR buyers have also been vocal about what they want in a set of wheels, and it doesn’t include carpet. Hard wearing, durable PVC floor coverings are now standard in all models, and the SR extra cab-chassis in manual also makes a reappearance, along with a newly added automatic version.

There’s something for everyone

All in all, there are still 31 HiLux variants on the market, including 23 genuine one-tonners. Fuel economy varies from 7.1 to 7.7 litres per 100 kilometres for manuals and 8.3 to 8.5 per 100 kilometres for 6 speed autos. And a further benefit for the budget conscious, the entire new range is covered by Toyota Service Advantage capped-price servicing, ensuring a flat $180 per service for petrol and $240 per service for diesel.

Time for a new set of wheels?

With the new line now on sale, there’s never been a better time to consider a HiLux. Get in touch and our expert team can help you find the right deal at the right price, without the dramas of a dealership.