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Used value: European pocket rocket

Absolutely nothing is as much fun to drive as a European pocket rocket.

All the leading European manufacturers produce them and the intense competition has resulted in a large range of very impressive models.

Fortunately, like all European cars, they depreciate quickly, meaning you can get your hands on one for a good price. For between $10,000 and $20,000 it is possible to get behind the wheel of an incredibly fun machine – a car that is sure to put a smile your face.

What makes a pocket rocket?

  • a small 2-door car,
  • a 2 litre engine up the front,
  • big brakes fitted, and
  • a taut suspension

The result is excellent performance matched with really enjoyable driving.

Whilst these light cars are great with fuel economy, future buyers must be warned that they tend to have minimal rear seat and boot space. Some are so small, that there is no spare wheel – just a pressure bottle of puncture sealant.

The famous VW Golf GTi sets the standard for Euro pocket rockets with every justification. But of course, the VW GTi is expensive. You can expect to pay top dollar for a second hand model with full service records.

Closely behind this class-leader are the cars from Renault and Peugeot. A good range of engine options are available from both. Due to the intense competition from their German rivals, they have been making every effort to stay in the race, meaning their models in this category are both very good. Additionally, their styling is a lot more distinctive and has its own appeal.

All 3 manufacturers offer cars that are really different from the usual. A true pocket rocket that gives great power (even up hills), economical on the highway, easy to park around town and takes up very little space on the driveway.