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Used value: Nissan 350/370 sports convertible

Nothing, absolutely nothing, shouts louder in summer than a real sports convertible with the hood down. And the Nissan 350 and later 370 models say it all. They may not have the badge of some over-rated Europeans but in reality, they’re high value: performance, comfort, and Japanese economy.

Like all convertibles, the price is a little higher than their counterparts – but if you avoid reselling in the winter months, the depreciation can be very little. The 350Z arrived in Australia in 2003 and has an Italian look which has not dated to this day. Many enthusiasts say this is a modern-day classic.

The 350Z was replaced by the 370Z in 2009. The lightweight suspension reacts nicely even when the road is comparatively rough.

Style is everything

The last model released was all about is getting the styling right. The 370Z shape is different to the 350, not quite retro nor modern. The long nose and short tail, the slope down of the roof that begins all the way forward at the top of the windscreen, and of course small rear-three quarter windows.

Nothing beats power

At the heart is real performance. The 3.7 litre V6 develops a very handy 245kW of power, giving plenty of punch alongside the sort of throttle response every keen driver demands. Handling is excellent as the lightweight suspension reacts nicely even when the road is rough.

The 370Z convertible has a single touch fast folding lined roof whereas the 350Z roof had to be manually locked in. It also has a glass rear window, which wears a lot better than plastic.

If it all comes down to money, this is what you can expect to pay:

  • $14,000 – $20,000 for the 350 versions (around 10 years old).
  • No less than $18,000 for the first of the 370 models.
  • Up to $55,000 for a 2-year-old 370 Roadster convertibles.